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Bidslist is one of the world’s top business consulting firms. We help global leaders with their organization’s most critical issues and opportunities.

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MNGAF = Me Not Giving a F
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Domains are the backbone of the internet. If you are looking for a specific domain to buy, or if you would like to list your own domains for sale, DD List is your place.

Websites can be one of the biggest investments you can make. A website can become your most efficient tool used to getting new clients for your business. When you meet someone new, first impressions can make a huge impact.

Mobile Applications are booming these days. We work with clients who have a variety of mobile applications, or web applications, that they are looking to buy, or sale.

Social Media and influencer marketing has created a unique opportunity for those looking to monetize. If you are interested in buying, or selling, any social media pages you should talk to DD List. We have a unique process to selling your assets.

In the simplest terms, a Digital Asset is content that’s stored digitally. That could mean images, photos, videos, files containing text, spreadsheets, or slide decks. New digital formats are constantly emerging with technology, just like DDList.com